An ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is also known as a quad, off-road vehicle, 4 wheeler, or side by side. These vehicles can be a lot of fun to drive and many people own one of these. As fun as they may be to drive, you may have heard many stories of these vehicles turning over on riders or riders falling off of them injuring themselves. Because of all the possible serious injuries, we suggest insuring your ATV and the riders.

Here are some insurance options we suggest to our customers:

Comprehensive Coverage
Damage or loss from fire, vandalism, theft or other named perils.
Collision Coverage
Damage resulting from collision with another vehicle, trees or other objects.
Medical Payment Coverage
Pays medical expenses for you and your passenger regardless of who was at fault.
Property Damage Coverage
Damage caused to someone else’s property.
Bodily Injury Coverage
Pays someone else’s medical expenses if you were at fault in an accident.
Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Damage caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver or rider.
Additional Equipment Coverage
Protection for additional equipment or accessories added to the ATV

Did you know…ATVs that are considered more difficult to ride or have potential for serious injury, typically cost more to insure based on the history of claims? That being said, ATV policies are very inexpensive for the latent risk. Most policies start at about $200.00 for the year.

People can feel fearless when riding one of these machines, but the consequences of an accident can be detrimental. Do not make the mistake of not buying a policy.