Did you know…
Florida has the highest rate of drivers (6 out of 10 drivers on the road) not carrying the proper auto insurance or not carrying insurance at all? If you are under insured or are not carrying the proper insurance, you and your family could end up paying thousands of dollars in medical bills and auto repairs from an accident that wasn’t even your fault. One huge mistake people make is spending money on a policy that does not protect them fully. Our agents will talk you through all your plan options and assist you in finding the right coverage for you and your family.

Did you know…
Many insurance companies bring you in at low rate the first year and then every year after that they increase your rates? For instance, if you have been with the same insurance company for three years, they will have raised your insurance rate a minimum of three times and perhaps more. We, on the other-hand, we are an independent insurance agency and spend every year searching to see if we can find you a lower rate. We show you the true rates from day one.

It is important to identify what auto insurance rates are based on and how to lower the cost of your insurance. Here are the 6 things that can affect your rates:

1) Your Insurance Company. All insurance companies are different. Some offer better rates at different times than others. This is based on insurance company profitability and risk appetite. Most insurance companies want to make 2 cents on every dollar. When they start losing money, they must raise rates to become profitable again. Since insurance is a pool of risks this usually happens in an entire county. Risk appetite is based on what insurance risks in the past have been profitable for that insurance company.

Did you know… An independent agent can shop your auto insurance needs with several different insurance companies to find you the best coverage for the best rate? Unlike captive agents that only have one insurance company to offer, we have options.

2) Your personal credit. Statistics show that people with better credit history are considered lower risks than people with poor credit history. If you have great credit, the chances of lower rates are favorable. If you are married and your spouse has better credit, we could use their credit to offer you a better insurance premium as well.

3) Your Prior Insurance history. Statistics show that people who carry higher limits of liability (bodily Injury) insurance are lower risks than people who carry lower limits of liability. As you are shopping for your insurance, you should know that if you have limits of liability of 100,000/300,000 you will be offered a better rate than someone who has limits of 10,000/20,000.

4) Drivers and driving history. Older drivers with clean driving history and no accidents are offered better rates than younger drivers or drivers with incidents on their motor vehicle reports.

5) Where you live. Some areas of Florida are more congested than others. Areas with high density of traffic are statistically shown to have more accidents. The closer you get to Miami the higher your rates. Florida has the highest insurance fraud in the country which results in 30% of your insurance premium devoted to paying for insurance fraud.

6) Vehicle type. One misconception that people have is that your vehicle greatly affects your insurance rates. It is true that some vehicles have lower rates than others but most vehicles offer the same insurance costs. The vehicle type is mostly dependent on how it scores in crash safety tests and the usage of the car.