Do you use your car, truck or van for anything other than driving to and from work? Are you making sales calls, or picking up or delivering goods, or just visiting customers for business purposes? If so, you may need a business owner’s commercial auto policy.

A business commercial auto policy is the same a personal auto policy, but it gives you much broader liability coverage to protect you and your business if you were involved in an accident. Business auto insurance does not restrict you from using your vehicle for personal usage, it just gives you more coverage if you are using your vehicle within your business.

Did you know…Business commercial auto insurance is sometime less expensive than personal insurance, and it give you much better coverage?

Did you know…The vehicle can be titled and registered in your personal name and we can still insure it under a business commercial auto policy?

Did you know…You could get a package discount if we insure your business auto and your business?

You worked hard to get your own business, and to keep that business going. Let one of our professional insurance agents make sure you are covered correctly.