As a business owner, are you properly covered from losses that could happen throughout a normal business day? Are you looking to get a reasonable premium with solid coverage to protect you from claims regarding your business or products? Our company does not offer one-size-fits-all insurance policies, instead we tailor our business insurance coverage to your needs.

Do you own your own business and work from home?

Did you know… you can purchase home-based business insurance? Although many may feel that it is unnecessary, it is likely that a homeowners’ policy does not cover your home-base business. It is important to weigh the risks of your home-based business to decide if you need this additional policy to protect you from any losses.

When owning a business, you may be liable for accidents, negligence, faulty product manufacturing and much more. Our agents have worked with all different types of business owners and are vetted in finding you the coverage that you need to protect you from any mishaps that could happen.

Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance: This insurance protects your business if you are sued for negligence while performing your professional services.  If you provide services directly to customers and there is even a slight chance of mistake or error, it is crucial to have this coverage.

General Liability Insurance: This insurance protects you from common accidents that can happen even under what you may think, are the safest of conditions.  It is necessary to have to protect you from getting sued over things such as bodily injury, or property damage and helps with court costs as well as medical expenses.

Product Liability Insurance: This insurance covers you if a product you are selling causes any bodily harm or property damage. By selling a product, you are liable for any defect that may occur.  It is important to have this coverage to protect you from any claims due to manufacturing issues, lack of warning/instructions on the product or problems with the overall design.