We specialize in commercial auto insurance. Contractors and their insurance needs are what we do best. We represent most of the top commercial auto insurance carriers in the State of Florida market place, and since we do so much commercial auto insurance these insurance companies have given us special rates and coverage option that most other agencies do not have. The reason we do so well with commercial auto insurance is that we understand what you do and we know the coverage you need.

If you are operating a vehicle for any business or contractor related purposes, you will need commercial auto insurance policy. If you are doing anything more with your truck or auto than just driving back and forth to work you need a commercial auto policy.

Our Commercial Auto insurance agents are the very best in the business. Whether you have one auto, truck or van or you have a fleet of 100 we can help you find the very best commercial auto policy to suit your needs.

Did you know……If you carry a personal auto insurance policy and you file a claim for an incident that occurred while driving for business or commercial purposes you may find that your auto insurance company will not pay on that claim?

Did you know……That commercial auto insurance is sometime less expensive than personal auto insurance?

Did you know…..That your auto or truck does not have to be registered to your business to be eligible for a commercial auto policy? It can be registered to you and we can still insurance it under a commercial auto policy.

Did you know….. That you could receive a discount on your personal auto policy if the same company insurers your personal autos and commercial autos.

Did you Know…..That if we insurance your commercial auto and your contractor general liability you could get a substantial discount on both?

We know contractors and we know commercial auto insurance, call us today and let us show you what we can do for you and your business.