The number one thing we hear from most general contractors when they call us is, that it is so hard to find the correct insurance.  I can assure you that your quest to find the best insurance for your general contracting business has ended!  We specialize in General Contractor Insurance.  We have over 10 different Insurance markets to help you get your business an affordable insurance policy.

General contractors subcontract out of all their work. They bid and get jobs and then hire outside sub-contractors to do all the work.  They are in charge of not only the construction site, but also of the entire project.  It is also the general contractor’s responsibility to coordinate with all local and state ordinances, codes and zoning requirements. This includes purchasing the necessary permits and obtaining the necessary surety bonds; This can be a major liability.

The GC is the one that keeps all the certificates of insurance from the sub-contractors.  They also are required to have $1 million worth of liability insurance. However, the amount of insurance you need varies based on the work you will be doing, as well as the total gross sales and payroll expenses, other factors often apply.  Our experienced agents are familiar with general contractor’s insurance.  We have a niche market for general contractors in South Florida and we can do what most other agents cannot.

The policy we will do for you will make the people you are working for happy and as you know, if they are not happy they will not be issuing a check to you.  Make your life easier.  Call an agent and let us worry about your insurance.