We can insure your golf cart whether you are out golfing on the course, driving around your neighborhood, or if you have one that is licensed to be driven on the road.

Most people think that their golf cart can be covered under their homeowners insurance or that their auto insurance policy will extend coverage. This is not true. It is only covered on some homeowner’s policies if it is servicing the property. If you own a golf cart you need to buy a separate policy for it. This policy is very inexpensive most starting about $150.00 for the year. This policy will cover you and your golf cart in mostly the same way your auto policy does.

The owner of a golf cart is responsible for the damages caused by anyone using it with the owner’s permission. Accordingly, it is critical to purchase liability coverage in case property damage or bodily injury results from a golf cart incident, regardless of who is using it. Because of the significant number of golf carts and automobiles that have little or no insurance, it is again recommended that you purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Have questions? Give us a call to get the facts and figures on insuring your golf cart.