If you own a roadside service business, you need to call us to make sure you are properly insured. We are the leading agency in the state of Florida for providing this specialty type of insurance. We have a program that only a few agencies can sell and it is worth getting. Our program offers the most comprehensive coverage at the very best price. If you are insured somewhere else, you are missing out on big savings and the opportunity to work with a knowledgeable agent. Also, we know your business and what coverages you need.

The policies we sell cover liability, property damage, personal injury protection, uninsured motorists, and comprehensive and collision coverage for your trucks. We also cover damages your technicians may do to customer’s cars or trucks..

We save the average customer $1,200.00 per year per truck! Whether you are running 1 truck or 100 tucks, you will be glad you called us to help insure you.