We have so much water in Florida; waterways, intercostal, rivers, and the ocean. We have partnered with one of the top marine construction insurance companies in Florida.   If you are building or working on bridges, seawalls, docks or any other marine construction project, we have a special insurance program just for you.

We, along with one of the nation’s top insurance carriers, have developed a specialty insurance program to address the insurance needs of marine contractors.  This programs offers broad liability coverage at low rates and is available from small to mid-sized companies, (less than $10,000,000 in receipts.) Larger Contractors are offered coverage under different terms.

Marine contractors must carry P & I insurance, (Protection and Indemnity.)  Protection and Indemnity Insurance is general liability insurance for on water operations.

Polices we offer also can included hull coverage for barges, tugboats or any other type of marine construction vessel. The policy will also insure any equipment you have from generators to excavators, whether there are afloat or on land. The policies we offer are written on special all risk forms so there are no exclusions.

Our professional team of agents will be able to help customize a policy that will fit your needs.