For that extra layer of protection, a personal umbrella policy is just what you need. You do not have to be rich to need or utilize an umbrella policy.

An umbrella policy sits on top of your auto, homeowners, condo, boat, golf cart, ATV and RV insurance policies. It provides extra-legal defense and liability limits if you or your family members are being sued, and if your underling limits are not enough on your insurance. Florida is the most litigious state in our great county. Can you imagine being sued and not having enough insurance to protect you? You would have to find your own attorney, and pay his legal fees and then if he loses your case, a judge could order you to hand over your assets to the other party or garnish your wages.

An example of how an umbrella liability policy works: You are in a golf cart on a golf course and you back up and hit someone, they break their leg and wind up in a hospital; Your umbrella insurance will kick in to pay those bills.


You are in an airport and your luggage bag falls over onto some ones foot and their foot is broken; Your personal liability insurance will kick in to pay those medical bills, and if he sues you on top of that, this insurance will be there for you.
Both of those scenarios did happen.
1st scenario legal fees $100,000 damages $500,000 total loss $600,000
2nd scenario legal fees $50,000 damages $200,000 total loss $250,000

Seems ridiculous, but luckily they both had umbrella policies. Umbrella policies are very inexpensive and most start at $350.00 for the year.